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Dismissal After Orthodontic Treatment

Congratulations you have been dismissed! 

Your braces have been off for more than a year. When your braces are removed the elastic memory of the gum tissue wants to make your teeth “crooked” again. This elastic memory, known as relapse, can last a lifetime. The good news is, it tends to decrease in intensity over time. Thus you should wear your retainers 24 hours / day the first year, then sleeping every night thereafter for an indefinite period of time. You need to understand that when you stop wearing your retainers your teeth may shift. This movement can be due to normal aging changes as well. If you have wisdom teeth, you and your dentist should discuss whether they need to be removed. If retainers are worn as advised, wisdom teeth should not be a significant factor in relapse of your teeth. You have been dismissed from our office. No further visits are required. If you lose, break, or have a
problem with your retainer, you may call for an appointment. There may be a charge for visits once you have been dismissed. One upper and/or lower retainer was included in your original fee. Lost or broken (replacement) retainers are charged at our current cost. Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to provide your orthodontic care.