Traditional Braces


 Traditional braces require our team to place high-grade metal brackets on each individual tooth. A wire runs through each bracket allowing for full control of each tooth in all planes of space.  Then patients get to choose their own colors that will secure the wire to the braces! Many patients actually prefer metal brackets for the opportunity to choose fun colors to support their favorite team or celebrate an upcoming holiday! For frequently asked questions about the process click here.

Think of a train running along its tracks. The brackets and wire allow us to have full control of your teeth and direct them to the right position much like a train car runs along  the tracks. Although old-fashioned, this method of aligning teeth is tried and true and the most predictable way to achieve a beautiful smile.

Yes! Clear braces function in a similar fashion as metal braces. They are an esthetic alternative made of a ceramic material. See “Clear braces” under the “Treatments” tab for more information.