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Surgical Orthodontics

Surgical orthodontics often requires orthognathic surgery or the correction of other jaw abnormalities. Orthognathic surgery involves the surgical repositioning of the maxilla, mandible, or both in any dimension. This requires careful coordination with a dental team and surgical specialists.

dubuque orthodontics treats patients who need jaw surgery

Orthognathic surgery may be an appropriate treatment for individuals with excessive skeletal discrepancies in the upper and lower jaws that may contribute to a poor bite. Patients may experience difficulty functioning, while others elect surgery due to esthetic concerns. Patients with severe sleep apnea and a reduced airway may also be candidates for orthognathic surgery.

Typically this treatment requires a pre-surgical phase of orthodontics to align the patient’s teeth before an oral and maxillofacial surgeon performs the surgery. After the surgery is complete, a short post-surgical phase of orthodontics allows our doctors to fine-tune the patients occlusion and control avoid relapse of the post-surgical results.

Like many other surgical procedures, orthognathic surgery does include risks. We have full confidence in the oral surgeons that we coordinate with to provide a fantastic result and all information regarding the surgery. Your comfort is important us, so please feel free to ask any questions! We are happy to guide you through process, as well as direct you to the specialists performing the surgery.

Typically, orthognathic surgery aims to correct poor bites. Our goal is to provide you with a functional, stable, and healthy smile that lasts a lifetime. Other benefits include improved esthetics when the jaws are repositioned into a balanced position. We want you to be confident with your new smile!