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Dubuque Ortho Aligners

Our clear aligners are made in-house using the newest technology to digitally scan your teeth. The doctors craft your smile digitally through which our lab creates your very own custom clear aligners. We treat a variety of case complexities with our aligners, especially patients with relapse after having been through orthodontics.

clear aligners invisalign at dubuque orthodontics

Our in-house aligners are more affordable and convenient than alternative clear aligner brands, while delivering the same beautiful smile. This is due to our ability to perform all tasks from the digital scan to the clear aligner delivered in your hands.

The structure of the in-house work flow allows our team to fabricate your aligners without relying on external dental labs, such as Invisalign®. This means you will receive your clear aligners in an efficient manner!

Dubuque Orthodontics uses the newest technologies including digital scanners, 3D printers, and high quality materials to deliver the best possible results.