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Instructions for Temporary Anchorage Devices (Mini-implants)

What to expect on insertion

— Will it hurt? No, your child should be comfortable. They may feel pressure, but little to no pain after the local anesthesia sets in.

— How long does it take? Seconds to a few minutes to place

— How long does it stay? As long as we need it to move teeth. They will be removed once they have served their purpose.

— Will it be sore after? Your child may feel tenderness, but Tylenol or ibuprofen will be more than enough

Post-procedure guidance

— Tylenol or ibuprofen as needed (do NOT exceed dosage recommendations on the bottle)

— Keep it clean – inflammation will likely lead to loosening of the TAD and failure – soft brushing around the mini-implant, mouthrinses, and a water pik will be very helpful

— Call us if any adverse effects (swelling, loosening, pain)

— Do NOT play with the TAD with you tongue

Loosening of the TAD

— If the mini-implant feels loose please schedule an appointment as soon as possible.

— If the mini-implant comes completely loose please schedule an appointment and bring the mini-implant with you to that appointment.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us!